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WorldWar II WebQuest
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Question When did U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan. Awnser Dec 8, 1941

When did U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan. Japanese land near Singapore and enter Thailand.
Dec 8, 1941

Feb 27 March 1st ,Japanese naval victory in the Battle of the Java Sea as the largest U.S. warship in the Far East is sunk, which shi-p was that?

A Japanese submarine torpedo attack near the Solomon Islands results in the sinking of the Carrier WASP, Destroyer O'BRIEN and damage to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA. When did this happen?
Sept 15, 1942

Dec 15, 1943- U.S. troops land on the Arawe Peninsula of New Britain, in which chain of islands?
Solomon Islands

When was the first mission by a B-29 Superfortress bombers by bombing Japanese railway facilities at Bangkok, Thailand?
June 5, 1944

Aug 3, 1944 - U.S. and Chinese troops take which city after a two month siege?

The U.S. Army Air Force begins preparations for dropping the Atomic Bomb by establishing the 509th Composite Group to operate the B-29s that will deliver the bomb, on which date?
Dec 17, 1944

April 7, 1945, B29s fly their first fighter-escorted mission against Japan with P-51 Mustangs based on Iwo Jima; U.S. carrier-based fighters sink the super battleship YAMATO and several escort vessels which planned to attack where?
U.S. forces at Okinawa.

When did the Japanese commander in the Philippines, Gen. Yamashita, surrenders to Gen. Wainwright at Baguio.
Sept 3, 1945

When did Japanese in Korea surrender?
Sept 9, 1945

Where did the Japanese that surrendered in Sept 13, 1945?
Burma Sweden

United Nations is born on which date?
Oct 24, 1945

First Japanese warship sunk by a U.S. submarine on which date?
Jan 27, 1942

On Dec 18, 1941 Japanese invade which city?
Hong Kong

Feb 19, 1942- largest Japanese air raid occurs since Pearl Harbor against which city in Australia?

On which date do Japanese finally withdraw from Imphal?
July 8, 1944

The British re-occupy Hong Kong on which date?
Aug 30, 1945

Aug 8, 1945- U.S.S.R. declares war on Japan then invades which axis city?

1000 bomber raids against Japan begin on which date?
July 10, 1945

April 21, 1943 - President Roosevelt announces the Japanese have executed several airmen from which air-raid?
Doolittle Raid

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